Dr Jarosław Kola co-authored a chapter of the monograph “Electromobility as a megatrend of contemporary economy”
In February 2021, the PWN publishing house published a monograph entitled "Electromobility as e megatrend of contemporary economy", which contains an analysis of the key economic and legal challenges faced by all entities involved in the process of electromobility development in Poland.
WKB Italian Desk in an article in Top Legal Review magazine
In a series of publications, Top Legal Review magazine discusses OMNIA’s activities, its latest issue focusing on law firms from Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, France, Germany and Poland. Development opportunities on the Polish market are presented in the commentary to the article by Domenico Di Bisceglie, partner and co-head of the Italian Desk team at WKB.
Dr hab. Jakub Pokrzywniak co-authored the chapter on insurance contracts in a publication titled “Prawo umów handlowych” (Commercial contract law)
The author thoroughly discusses all aspects of the insurance guarantee, from explanation of the very definition and function of the guarantee, to discussion of legal regulations related to this type of contract, to the issues of payments and claims.
The Commentary to the Act on electromobility and alternative fuels, co-authored by WKB’s experts, has been published
Experts from WKB’s energy, public procurement and environmental protection practices have co-authored the commentary published by C.H. Beck.
Infrastructure construction will determine the pace of the Polish electromobility market – an article authored by Jakub Pokrzywniak
One of the main factors that is very important in the development of electromobility in Poland is the construction of infrastructure allowing for charging electric vehicles. What are the legislator's requirements, what the procedure looks like and who is an important link in this process, you can read in the article published in Executive Magazine
Force majeure will not automatically exempt one from liability for breach of contract – article by Marta Midloch
The issue of force majeure is presented by Marta Midloch in an article in Executive Magazine.
Jarosław Kola among the co-authors of the publication “Public Procurement Regulation in Africa: Development in Uncertain Times”
In June 2020, Lexis Nexis (South Africa) published the publication titled "Public Procurement Regulation in Africa: Development in Uncertain Times", with contributions from an international team of academics specialising in public procurement law and edited by Prof. Geo Quinot and Prof. Sope Williams-Elegbe from Stellenbosch University in Cape Town.
Jarosław Kola is a co-author of publication ‘Innovative technologies in health care. Legal aspects’
The authors address the issue of implementing new technologies in various fields of broadly understood health care. Dr Jarosław Kola is the author of the chapter on public procurement for innovative medical technologies.