About us

We are one of the largest Polish law firms having international reach


We have been growing constantly for the last 20 years.

We owe it to our clients, whom we know and assist with their everyday matters.

As a team of 130 experts with more than 30 specialisations, we offer comprehensive legal solutions based on a unique combination of expertise, skills, and knowledge of various markets.

Our client’s business goals and the nature of their industry are always the starting point of the conversation. Our offers and legal advice are always tailored to the client’s needs.

Our long-term clients include businesses – Polish and international enterprises from various sectors of the economy – and individuals, as well as state and local government institutions

Our network of relationships with recognised law firms and institutions around the world allows us to act as an advisor on international markets. We are also a trusted partner for international law firms that have no offices in Poland.

Our clients’ feedback confirms the quality of our services, which is also reflected in numerous recommendations received by WKB and our lawyers in international rankings of law firms.

WKB is the fruition of our shared vision: to create a modern law firm that is friendly for both clients and employees.
Co-founders of the WKB law firm
Andrzej Wierciński, Tomasz Kwieciński, Jerzy Baehr

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