WKB Legal Alert | Impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the credit sector – Shield 4.0
In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the legislature has introduced a number of new regulations concerning loan market. We note the most important of them.
WKB Legal Alert | Shield 4.0 – employment law
Shield 4.0 was published in the Journal of Laws and the majority of its provisions came into force on 24 June 2020. In the legal alert, we present the most important solutions for employers introduced by this new special law.
Jarosław Kola among the co-authors of the publication “Public Procurement Regulation in Africa: Development in Uncertain Times”
In June 2020, Lexis Nexis (South Africa) published the publication titled "Public Procurement Regulation in Africa: Development in Uncertain Times", with contributions from an international team of academics specialising in public procurement law and edited by Prof. Geo Quinot and Prof. Sope Williams-Elegbe from Stellenbosch University in Cape Town.
WKB advised Orbico d.o.o. and Distribev Orbico sp. z o.o. in the sale of shares to United Beverages S.A.
WKB advised Orbico d.o.o. and Distribev Orbico sp. z o.o. in the sale of 80% of shares in the share capital of Distribev Orbico sp. z o.o. to United Beverages S.A. WKB lawyers advised Orbico d.o.o., the largest distributor in Europe, providing them with comprehensive legal support during the entire transaction, in particular during negotiations concerning the terms and transaction documents.
WKB Legal Alert | Anti-Crisis Shield 4.0 – real estate
On 24 June 2020, a number of provisions of the Act of 19 June 2020 on subsidies to interest rates on bank loans granted to entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19 and on simplified procedures for the approval of an arrangement in connection with COVID-19 (“Shield 4.0”) entered into force. This Act introduces amendments to other acts. Below, we present the most important changes regarding real estate matters resulting from Shield 4.0 and its implementation:
WKB Legal Alert | What do lenders who offer credit holidays have to watch out for?
One of the solutions introduced by the Anti-Crisis Shield 4.0 is a, so-called, statutory credit holidays. Under these new provisions, credit institutions, in particular banks, are required to suspend the repayment of liabilities incurred by borrowers who have lost liquidity due to the coronavirus pandemic. Implementing these new solutions will undoubtedly be a challenge for lenders. When granting credit holidays, financial institutions need to ensure that the assistance reaches the right people, but also to provide consumers with reliable, truthful and complete information throughout the process. Failure to comply with these obligations may, in general, result in the initiation of proceedings regarding the infringement of consumer collective interests.
WKB Legal Alert | New powers granted to the President of the OCCP – access to information on taxpayers
Another "Anti-Crisis Shield" has come into force, extending the powers of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów; UOKiK; “OCCP”) regarding access to data held by tax offices and customs and tax offices. The details are presented in this legal alert.
WKB Legal Alert | Shield 4.0 – Simplified restructuring proceedings
Simplified restructuring proceedings will be available until30 June 2021. The legislature’s intent was to enable debtors to undertake negotiations with their creditors without the need for the courts to formally open proceedings, while simultaneously protecting them from enforcement by their creditors.