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Procedures that meet the needs of the business:

  • for companies in the area of renewable energy, a European chain of clothing and industrial discount stores, and a manufacturing company operating in the sugar industry, among others – we developed anti-corruption procedures;
  • for a media company – we developed a risk management procedure for responding to enquiries from public authorities and law enforcement bodies regarding the personal data of employees and associates and other information, as well as procedures in the event of an OCCP inspection;
  • for a Polish company and a group from the transport and logistics sector – we advised on the development of a contractor due diligence procedure;
  • for a media company – we designed internal processes for contacting law enforcement authorities and responding to copyright infringements;
  • for a company producing and distributing household appliances – we developed a code of ethics, an anti-corruption policy, a whistleblowing and whistleblowing procedure and a policy for protecting company secrets;

Synergies between compliance and ESG:

  • for a real estate company (asset manager of retail space) – we developed internal compliance policies as part of the implementation of the ESG strategy, including a code of ethics, a supplier code of ethics, an anti-corruption policy, a diversity policy, a reputational crisis management policy, a procedure to be followed in the event of a search or inspection and internal whistleblowing rules;
  • for a company operating in the telecommunications services market – we developed compliance and ESG policies, including policies relating to corporate social responsibility in respecting human rights and countering modern slavery, related to the achievement of environmental impact targets (management of energy, water consumption, biodiversity) ESG code, code for suppliers, anti-corruption policy, whistleblowing and clarification policy;


  • we have trained numerous employees and managers of entities operating in various sectors of the economy – on their compliance policies, anti-corruption, and anti-competitive practices;
  • we train practically – taking into account the specific industry and business of the business entity and using examples that we discuss with the students;

Risk assessment – for one of the platforms providing electronic services, we conducted the identification and assessment of legal risks, as well as control and risk management mechanisms;

Assessment of compliance programmes – for a regulated market entity – we audited the company’s existing compliance procedures, including the AML procedure, and subsequently developed amendments to the AML procedure, as well as the anti-corruption and conflict of interest management policy, the whistleblowing procedure and the whistleblower clearance procedure, the protection of confidential information, and proposed an update of the risk map;

International experience:

  • for a Polish company and group in the transport and logistics industry – we developed a group anti-corruption policy and a policy dedicated to the Polish jurisdiction, together with a gift policy; we trained group board members and managers of Polish companies on anti-corruption policies; we coordinated the introduction of anti-corruption policies in 12 other jurisdictions in cooperation with lawyers from foreign law firms;
  • we developed a global anti-trust compliance programme that is operational in ten European countries;

Crisis management:

  • we have developed a procedure for a number of entities to deal with searches or inspections by regulatory authorities, including the FSA and the OCCP;
  • we have repeatedly trained our clients’ managers and employees on how to proceed in the event of an inspection or search;
  • we have conducted or participated in internal investigations conducted at entities in the following industries: film production, electronic equipment claims handling, pharmaceutical production and distribution.

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