Selected experiences
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  • Representing a Polish business entity before a French criminal court (as a member of an international defence team)
  • defending a management board member accused of bid rigging
  • representing members of a management board in the preparatory stage of proceedings instigated by a trade union chairman
  • representing a media company in a case where the former president of its management board was accused of acting to its detriment
  • representing a company (as aggrieved party) in a private corruption case
  • developing a comprehensive anti-corruption procedure for a capital group operating in the sales sectorm
  • conducting an audit of a regulated company’s compliance with the provisions of the Act on Combating Money Laundering
  • conducting a comprehensive audit of a businesses compliance with the law (criminal aspects) and developing internal anti-corruption, conflict of interest and dawn raid procedures, as well as procedures for reporting and investigating irregularities
  • participating as amicus curiae in proceedings before the Polish Constitutional Tribunal in relation to the compliance of the criminal provisions of the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance with the Polish Constitution.

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