In the recently published Chambers Europe 2018 guide WKB and its lawyers have been recommended in the following categories:

Public Procurement: Band 1

  • Sources highlight the team’s solution-oriented approach. “The WKB team is devoted to the work and to resolving problems. They look for solutions that bring a real business value,” a satisfied client reports.
  • Interviewees also praise the department’s ability to work as a team, saying: “The team is extremely efficient and co-operates smoothly both within and with clients and external partners.” “They are devoted to each other and devoted to their clients,” one source states.

Individual recommendations for Jan Roliński (Band 1) and Agnieszka Chwiałkowska (Band 4).

  • Jan Roliński “is one of the leaders in public procurement in Poland. His advice is absolutely exceptional,” a client reports. “It is simply a pleasure to co-operate with such a gentleman,” another states.
  • Agnieszka Chwiałkowska is described as “truly excellent,” with a client also stating that “she did an excellent job.”

Competition/Antitrust: Band 2

  • Clients emphasise the team’s “business and industry insight, tailored solutions and feedback.”
  • Sources also appreciate that the lawyers are “clear in their advice.”

Individual recommendations for Aleksander Stawicki (Band 1) and Bartosz Turno (Band 3).

  • Aleksander Stawicki is highly recommended by interviewees for his talent in this field. Clients value his “availability, brilliance and the speed of finding and presenting solutions.”
  • A source says Bartosz Turno is “open to ideas” and reacts quickly.

Energy & Natural Resources: Band 2

  • Clients highlight the team’s “extensive experience and knowledge” as particular strengths, adding that they can “precisely identify issues, conduct analysis on the basis of legal regulations and in a precise manner formulate conclusions.”

Individual recommendations for Jerzy Baehr (Band 1) and Maciej Szambelańczyk (Band 4).

  • Jerzy Baehr is a top-ranked regulatory expert described as “by far one of the most experienced people in the sector.”
  • Sources praise project management skills of Maciej Szambelańczyk, saying he “creates a good team atmosphere,” while another adds that his advice is “well adapted to companies’ needs from both legal and business perspectives.”

Environment: Band 2

  • Sources note the team’s particular experience in handling environmental issues significant to the energy clients.

Individual recommendation for Sergiusz Urban (Band 3).

  • Sergiusz Urban is widely praised by market sources for his “reliability and dedication.” One interviewee adds: “He is a specialist who is very diligent, well prepared and totally focused.”

Restructuring/Insolvency: Band 3

Individual recommendations for Andrzej Wierciński (Band 4) and Marcin Smolarek (Up and coming).

  • Andrzej Wierciński is recognised for his long-standing experience in restructuring and insolvency matters. He remains active assisting with complex restructuring mandates.
  • Marcin Smolarek joins this year’s ranking on the back of excellent feedback from market sources. He is experienced advising creditors and lenders on large debt restructurings. He is also well versed assisting with cross-border mandates.

Banking & Finance: Band 4  

Clients are impressed by the clarity of advice, with a source commenting: “They were good at explaining local issues in a way that our global client was able to understand.”

Individual recommendation for Marcin Smolarek (Up and coming).

  • Marcin Smolarek does not limit himself to providing legal advice but has a commercial mind which adds tremendous value.”

Corporate/M&A: Band 4

Interviewees note the team’s commercial approach. According to one source, the lawyers are “always conscious of the big picture, the business environment and business goals.” Another client says: “They are incredibly responsive, timely, and worked tirelessly,” adding: “They never lost a sight of the objective, providing tailored guidance to further support our business goals.”

Individual recommendations for Andrzej Wierciński (Eminent Practitioner) and Jakub Jędrzejak (Band 4).

  • Andrzej Wierciński is highly valued by clients for his experience, as one source reports: “He understands the psychology of the business and is able to predict long-term effects of the proposed legal solutions.”
  • Sources praise “very strong negotiation skills” of Jakub Jędrzejak and his ability to “address client’s needs and expectations.”

Dispute Resolution: Band 4

The lawyers are praised for their thorough preparation, with a client saying: “They consider in advance different scenarios of the possible steps an opponent might take.” Sources appreciate the team’s involvement with cases, with a source saying: “They know how to lead a dialogue and argumentation; they pay attention to the important parts of the case, always focused on solving it.”

Individual recommendations for Bartłomiej Jankowski (Band 3) and Tomasz Kwieciński (Band 4).

  • Bartłomiej Jankowskican lead the conversation in such a way that he can throw his opponent off balance with his arguments,” says one impressed client.
  • Tomasz Kwieciński “is a very experienced lawyer who judges the situation very well.”

Intellectual Property: Band 4

Sources highlight the team’s attention to client needs, with a client saying: “They are listening to us as the client,” and appreciating that “they look for new solutions.”

Individual recommendations for Agnieszka Wiercińska-Krużewska (Band 4) and Aleksandra Wędrychowska-Karpińska (Band 4).

  • A source describes Aleksandra Wędrychowska-Karpińska as “a very efficient litigator” in the IP sphere.

Private equity: Band 4

One client describes the team as “very committed, competent and diligent, with extensive experience in conducting investment negotiations.” Another interviewee appreciates the team’s “attention to detail and timeliness,” adding that “it was a pleasure to work with them and I would definitely use them again.”

Projects & Infrastructure – Other noted firm

Individual recommendation has also been awarded to:

Jakub Pokrzywniak kategorii Banking & Finance: Insurance: Band 1.

“He has excellent insurance law knowledge as well as the ability to combine it with practice.”