Responding to global trends and anticipating the needs of entrepreneurs, WKB has established a multidisciplinary ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practice. The team will provide comprehensive advice to entrepreneurs, local governments and organizations on developing their business in accordance with environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. The team consists of lawyers representing a variety of specializations and industries, including banking and finance, environmental protection, real estate, energy, infrastructure and public procurement.

Global trends clearly show that businesses are no longer evaluated only on the basis of their financial results. More and more companies take ESG standards into account in their business strategies. Nowadays, such standards are key in growing a business’ value, customer relations, the broader business environment, and helping strengthen an entrepreneur’s image as a responsible business. ESG standards are being internalized and becoming important values not only for companies themselves, but also for investors, partners, lenders, customers, and current and future employees.

Not only can a business operating in accordance with ESG standards achieve better financial results or easier access to investment financing, but also lower its operational risks. In times of ongoing change, meeting ESG standards can help organizations lower the risks associated with their operations.

On the one hand, the application of ESG standards means great development potential for companies, while on the other hand, they entail additional legal obligations. The ESG team established within WKB will show organizations both the possibilities and means of risk management which, in the legal context, are available on the market currently and in the future.

“Concern for the environment, CSR and compliance with the principles of corporate governance are increasingly recognized as important market factors that can determine a businesses’ competitive advantage. By observing global trends daily and cooperating with international partners, we can observe that ESG norms have become one of the key standards in the development of global business. By establishing an ESG team at WKB, we want to effectively support our clients in their efforts towards sustainable development. At the same time, we put great importance on running our office in the spirit of ESG. For years, we have supported both valuable pro bono projects and ecological initiatives. We are constantly working to ensure that the number of such initiatives increases”– said dr. Jerzy Baehr, managing partner at WKB.

The ESG practice coordinators are Marcin Smolarek (partner) and Augustyn Wróbel (managing associate) from our banking and finance practice.

The team members include heads of practices: Agnieszka Chwiałkowska (public procurement), Marta Midloch (infrastructure), Maciej Szambelańczyk (energy), dr. Sergiusz Urban (environmental protection), Anna Wyrzykowska (real estate) as well as WKB experts: Marta Czarnecka (real estate), Agata Fabiańczuk, Hanna Przezwicka (energy), dr. Jarosław Kola (public procurement), Konrad Kropiwnicki, Marcin Lorenc, Aleksandra Nalewajko(banking and finance), Agata Kukawska (infrastructure) and Marta Warzańska (environmental protection).