The C.H. Beck publishing house recently released a publication titled “Act on electromobility and alternative fuels. Commentary” (Polish: “Ustawa o elektromobilności i paliwach alternatywnych. Komentarz”), edited by Dr. hab. Jakub Pokrzywniak – a partner at WKB – and Dr. hab. Katarzyna Kokocińska. Members of three of the firm’s practices are among the contributing authors: Dr. Jerzy Baehr, Maciej Szambelańczyk, Dr. Piotr Lissoń and Krzysztof Sikorski of the energy law practice, Agnieszka Chwiałkowska and Dr. Jarosław Kola of the public procurement practice, and Dr. Sergiusz Urban of the environmental protection and natural resources practice.

Dr. hab. Jakub Pokrzywniak commented that “The Polish electromobility market has an enormous potential for growth, especially in the context of environmental and climate needs, to which our country has to adapt to in the coming years. Many challenges still face market participants, including those related to the continuing development legal framework for this sector. We hope that this commentary will be a valuable source of knowledge for all those involved in shaping this ever more important branch of our economy.”

The publication’s authors discuss the provisions of the Act of 11 January 2018 on electromobility and alternative fuels in detail, including the most recent amendments to it, such as those related to the prevention, counteraction and combatting of COVID-19, among others. The commentary also deals with issues related to the rules on the development and operation of electromobility infrastructure, describes the tasks and duties of charging station operators and charging service providers, as well as the national policy framework for the development of alternative fuel infrastructure and the means of its implementation.

“The topic of electromobility requires an interdisciplinary approach, which is why a team of experts from a range of legal fields participated in this project. It is precisely the combined knowledge and experience of these several specializations which allows us to focus on and bring attention to the various aspects of the Act. We are pleased that we could be a part of such an important project.” – added Dr. Jerzy Baehr, a managing partner at WKB.

You can find more information on this publication on the website of C.H. Beck (in Polish).