Poczta Polska, with the support of WKB, received the European Commission’s approval for PLN 215 million in state aid. As the first decision of its kind issued by the Commission to an EU postal operator, it could pave the way for similar decisions in other cases.

WKB experts conducted many months’ of complex proceedings before the European Commission on behalf of Poczta Polska, which ended with a decision approving approximately PLN 215 million (approximately EUR 46 million) in state aid to Poczta Polska. This aid will be used to cover losses incurred in connection with the company’s operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. By issuing this decision, the Commission has confirmed that the planned aid is in compliance with the EU’s state aid rules (in particular, Article 107(2)(b) TFEU).

We are greatly satisfied to receive the European Commission’s decision, since it is significant for us for more than one reason. First, we are very pleased that this decision is favourable for our client – Poczta Polska – which was able to provide universal services without interruption during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the restrictions which accompanied it, thereby incurring additional costs. This aid will allow Poczta Polska to be compensated for the losses incurred. Second, this is the first decision of its kind issued by the Commission, which may pave the way for similar decisions in other cases. Therefore, we appreciate and thank Poczta Polska for placing its trust in us, since this allowed us to participate in a proceeding which may be significant for the entire market.” – says Łukasz Czekański, partner, head of WKB’s state aid team.

WKB experts provided Poczta Polska, as the beneficiary of state aid, with comprehensive legal support throughout the entire notification process, including, among others, preparing the necessary documentation and providing legal representation during the proceedings and negotiations with the European Commission. The proceedings were conducted by: Łukasz Czekański (partner at WKB) and Piotr Gajek (managing associate) of the state aid team.

Poczta Polska S.A. is a company with a history of over 460 years and is the largest postal operator on the Polish market, with over 70,000 employees and a network of 7,600 post offices, branches and agencies. Poczta Polska is one of the leading providers of communications, parcel and courier, and logistics services in Poland, as well as being the national postal operator, whose services are used by over 90% of Poles.

The WKB state aid and EU funds team advises Polish and foreign clients on the use of EU and national funds by entrepreneurs, co-financing agreements, as well as assisting in their contacts with public institutions and proceedings concerning state aid carried out by the European Commission and national authorities.