Andrzej Wierciński, Anna Wojciechowska and Anna Wyrzykowska have co-authored the chapter on Polish regulations regarding corporate governance in ”The Corporate Governance Review 2020”.

Due to the ever-growing presence of corporations in business transactions, and their profound impact on the functioning of the market, the topic of corporate governance has been gaining in importance in recent years. This publication is a collection of concise chapters which focus on corporate governance rules applicable in particular legal orders and their practical implications, which enables comfortable and quick overview.

Published as part of the prestigious The Law Reviews, this year 10th edition of ”The Corporate Governance Review” features an overview of corporate governance rules in 26 selected jurisdictions worldwide. It has been co-authored by selected experts in the field of company law and corporate governance from each of the featured jurisdictions.

The full version of the publication is available on the publisher’s website. To access the chapter regarding the Polish jurisdiction, click here