Łukasz Czekański, head of the public aid team as tax teams at WKB, together with renowned legal experts, participated in the prestigious UIAMidyear2021 event (7-10 June), organised by UIA Union Internationale des Avocats.

During two panel discussions, Łukasz shared his views:

  • On June 8th, during the session dedicated to the competition, he addressed the future of state aid post-Covid-19;
  • On June 10th, during the tax session, he spoke about trends in future taxation amid growing public spending.

UIAMidyear2021 focuses on global business networking and information exchange over the course of 4 days. Attendees were able to select from a wide variety of activities, amounting to 24 hours of sessions, including the UIA 12th Business Law Forum.

The Forum was devoted to the discussion on recent legal developments and an analysis of the new regulations introduced by national and supranational entities aimed to tackle the new challenges arising from the new Covid-19 situation.

More information can be found here.