Social responsibility

"Nasz ogród społeczny" project

WKB is a project partner for "Nasz ogród społeczny" (Our Social Garden) project initiated by Green Cross Poland. The purpose of the scheme is to support local citizen groups across the country in developing new green areas in their cities, and thus to enhance environmental protection and contribute to building co-operative relationships in the society.

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“Zakręcona nakrętka” project

A bottle cap collection campaign to support people with disabilities, run by Żoliborskie Stowarzyszenie Dom Rodzina Człowiek, a Warsaw-based association with the goal of supporting people in need. We have joined the Association’s bottle cap collection effort to sell the caps to recyclers and use the proceeds to fund equipment that might be necessary for those in need.

“Szlachetna paczka” project

We have taken part in the nationwide “Szlachetna paczka” Christmas aid project run by the WIOSNA Association, a Cracow-based non-profit organisation. As part of the direct-help effort, we have donated Christmas gift parcels to a number of families from the poorest regions of Poland.

“Horyzonty” Centre For Youth Initiatives

We have sponsored training courses which the Centre organised for small town and village teachers on how to tend to children with certain disorders, including ADHD.

Pro Bono

Copyright management for Janusz Korczak's works

As of 8 January 2010, following an agreement with the State Treasury, Poland’s Book Institute ( became the exclusive copyright holder for all works of Janusz Korczak. We offered to provide free legal service in this matter.

Copyright in “Bolek i Lolek” cartoon characters

We handled copyright issues concerning Bolek and Lolek cartoon characters for Ms Yvonne Ledwig, an inheritor to the characters’ creator, Mr  Alfred Ledwig.

“Pomoc Maltańska” Foundation of the Polish Sovereign Military Order of Malta

We provide legal assistance and free legal advice to the Knights of Malta aid centre in Poznań.

Book Institute (Instytut Książki)

We provide legal service to the Book Institute, a national cultural institution established by the Polish Minister of Culture. The Institute’s primary goals are to promote books and encourage book reading in Poland and to promote Polish literature in the world.