In April, C.H. Beck published the monograph “Legal and economic aspects for development of electromobility” edited by dr hab. Katarzyna Kokocińska and Jarosław Kola.

It is the first such study in the market focused on the development of electromobility in Poland, where the authors propose a multidimensional approach to the topic, taking into account the legal and economic aspects, as well as the constraints resulting from the principles that guide the development policy.

Jarosław Kola (co-editor and a member of the public procurement team), Maciej Szambelańczyk (Energy law partner), Agnieszka Chwiałkowska (counsel in the public procurement team), dr Piotr Lissoń (energy law and competition law expert) and Magdalena Czenko (a member of the infrastructure projects team) co-authored the publication.

For more information about the monograph please visit C.H. Beck’s website: