Towards the end of May 2018 Wolters Kluwer publishing house released an expert publication titled ‘New guidelines on insurance distribution’. It is a thorough practical guidebook on the rules and regulations of the insurance distribution act that comes into force in October this year. The authors attempt to identify the key dilemmas concerning the new regulations, and to provide effective solutions that take operation of the insurance sector into account.

In the publication, the reader will find answers to a series of questions regarding, among others, disclosure obligations of insurance distributors and the way in which claims must be handled, as well as the scope of liability and the rules concerning registration of insurance agents. The authors also shed light on the issues connected with controlling insurance activities and obligations of insurance distributors resulting from GDPR.

The publication is the outcome of experience of WKB lawyers in the field of insurance and personal data protection. The co-authors are Dr hab. Jakub Pokrzywniak (science editor), Dr Tomasz Kwieciński, Agnieszka Wiercińska-Kużewska, Dr Piotr Lissoń, Marek Prętki, Dr Marek Porzeżyński, Anna Urbańczyk and Aleksandra Przybysz.

More information on the publication is available on the Wolters Kluwer publishers’ website (in Polish).


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